Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing Green World Range Of Herbal Medical Products.

Introducing Green World Range Of Herbal Medical

Green World herbal medications are products of GREEN WORLD GROUP which is a well organized transnational company with over 50 subsidiary companies all over the world run by highly professional management team and 8 scientific research institutes and centers both in the United States of America and China with prestigious world-level scientists and research fellows on board. GREEN WORLD GROUP has its production base in Tianjin, China and corporate head quarters in Michigan, USA. With GREEN WORLD, we can now live a healthy life style.
Below are some pictures of what the herbal medication packs look like; and below the pictures are the various price range for the products.

Product List

1 PROTEIN POWDER: Good source of protein for growth and development especially in children.N5,400
2 BALSAM PEAR CAPSULE: Good for High Blood Pressure.N4,200
3 SOYBEAN LECITHIN SOFTGEL: For proper brain development; it strengthens the nervous system.N3,400
4 CORDYCEPS PLUS CAPSULE: An internal cleanser; prevents cancer and tumors.N4,200
5 SPIRULINA PLUS CAPSULE: For a host of ailments including Pile, Constipation.N4,200
6 I-POWER SOFTGEL:For ailments of the eyes.N4,200
7 GARNODEMA PLUS CAPSULE: For cancer ailments and asthma.N5,800
8 CALCIUM TABLETS - FOR ADULTS: Reduce cholesterol and heart diseases, relieves back pain, muscle spasm.N3,200
9 CALCIUM TABLETS - FOR CHILDREN: Prevents rickets in children, relieves back pain, lumbago, muscle spasm.N1,500
10 VIGPOWER CAPSULE:For infertility in men.N4,500
11 GOLDEN KNIGHT SPRAY: To aid good sexual intercourse for men.N2,600
12 SOY POWER CAPSULE: For infertility in women.N3,100
13 SILVER EVA SPRAY: To aid good sexual intercourse in women.N1,700
14 MEAL CELLULOSE: For treatment of diabetes.N3,900
15 SLIMMING CAPSULE: For those that want to slim down.N4,000
16 A-POWER CAPSULE: Very effective against immune deficiencies e.g. HIV.N6,600
17 MULTI-VITAMIN TABLETS FOR CHILDREN: It supplies all the vitamins needed by the body.N1,600
18 MULTI-VITAMIN TABLETS FOR CHILDREN: It supplies all the vitamins needed by the body.N3,700
19 (BEE) PROPOLIS PLUS CAPSULE: Prevent influenza, strengthen the body's resistance to bacteria and viruses, protects the body from harmful free radical damage.N4,500
20 PARASHIELD CAPSULE: Effective in expelling all kinds of worms.N2,500
21 CHITOSAN CAPSULE: For diabetes and immunity.N4,200
22 ZINC TABLETS - FOR ADULTS: Improves appetite, reduce restlessness, enhances growth, development and immunity.N1,600
23 ZINC TABLETS - FOR CHILDREN: Improves the number of brain cells, early maturity, fertility in men, healing of injury and aids immunity.N2,700
24 i-SHINE CAPSULE: Good for sleeplessness/insomnia.N3,200
25 GINSENG RHs CAPSULE: Nourishes the lungs and brain, reduces high blood pressure.N6,400
26 COMPOUND MARROW POWDER: Good for high blood pressure and immunity.N4,200
27 GINKGO BILOBA CAPSULE: Good for the brain.N4,200
28 PRO-SLIM TEA: For those that want to slim down.N1,900
29 INTESTINE CLEANSING TEA: For proper cleansing of the intestine.N2,100
30 KUDING PLUS TEA:For general cleansing of the internal body system.N2,400
31 BALSAM PEAR TEA:Good for the blood, liver, spleen and kidney.N4,200
32 PINE POLLEN TEA:It neutralizes the effects of alcoholic drinks.N2,400
33 CARDIO POWER CAPSULE: Helps protect the heart. Good for hypertension.N3,100
34 MALA POWER CAPSULE: Anti-malaria capsule. Fights against malaria.N3,700
35 VITAMIN E: Effective in protecting the heart, treatment of tumors and Central Nervous System and skin disorders.N3,500
36 GARLIC OIL SOFTGEL: Internal cleansing of the body system and intestine.N4,200
37 LIVERGREEN CAPSULE: Good in detoxifying the body and protecting the liver.N4,200
38 BLUE BERRY EYE CARE SOFTGEL: For eye problems.N3,360
39 AGAINST MOSQUITO WIPES: Repels mosquito for up to 8 hours.N1,000
40 MAGIC DETOXIN PAD: Relieves aches and pains in the body, detoxify the skin.N4,200
41 CAR MASSAGER: Effectively massages the body as you drive and aids proper blood circulation in the body.N16,800
42 BLOOD CIRCULATORY MASSAGER: Effectively massages the body to aid proper blood circulation in the body.N84,000
43 VIBRATION SLIMMING BELT: For burning up excess fat in the body and to slim down.N15,120
44 CRAZY FIT MASSAGER: Effectively massages the feet and the body for proper blood circulation in the body.N336,000

To order, send the buyer's name, GSM phone number and the name of the medication(s)/product(s) and the desired quantity (of each) in an e-mail
Thank you for showing interest in our products. Your health is our business.